Our Jewellers:

  • Colin Lester since 1978
  • Paul Merwood since 1974

Owner Colin Lester has been a manufacturing jeweller since 1978. With over 30 years experience in the trade, Colin brings the expertise and knowledge to his customers and staff; providing full training to his employees so they can help and advise with the maintenance and design of your jewellery. As a direct diamond importer, Colin individually chooses only the best stones, selecting certified gems cut to perfection.



Colin sees generations of families in his stores and prides himself on providing a personable and informative service which makes for an inviting and trusting experience for new and old customers.

Specialising in classic jewellery, our jewellers have the knowledge and skill to maintain your family jewellery and create beautiful bespoke vintage style or modern pieces. Which we hope will last for generations.

We also provide services for sizing, re-tipping, repairing and re-modelling, and free quotes on jewellery are available before you go ahead. Jewellery valuations are available by independent gemologist Dennis Blacklaws.

There is a 5 year warranty on all rings sold and remember our free cleaning service for the life of the ring.