Founded in 1953 by the brothers Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladró, Lladró is a brand focused on handcrafted artistic creation and production, whose core activity is the design of high quality porcelain figurines. The personal style of its sculptures and their ability to express the most positive feelings has made it one of only four Spanish brands that are world leaders in their sectors.

Lladró has also opened up to other areas through innovation.

After adding gres to its creations, Lladró is now entering into new expressive paths with special emphasis on more avant-garde collections.

Diversification has also led Lladró beyond the scope of decorative porcelain figurines. Just as the latter ornate a room, Lladró’s latest collections also offer beautiful ranges of functional creations that keeps in line with the spirit of its past design. Home Fragrance, porcelain curtains, monochrome bath ware, gres tableware, Haute couture jewelry and seductive lighting now complement the classic handmade sculptures that Lladró is famous for.


The results are pieces of great artistic perfection, telling stories in a unique language.