Looking after, or Jewellery etiquette

It’s something most precious

Representing a milestone in many of our lives, our engagement and wedding rings are to be treasured, and hopefully passed onto future generations. Memories and photographs may fade but in the end our jewellery becomes a talisman of our past and future.  For the sake of this discussion we will focus on wedding jewellery etiquette, but from our point of view this advice goes for any jewellery, especially those pieces that get a regular outing.

While we will do everything to make your stones safe in their setting, it’s a bit like buying a pair of beautiful shoes; we don’t know how you will wear them once you’ve left the store. Obviously if you wear your shoes through the mud no matter how beautifully they were made; your shoes will be ruined.  Thus today we would like to pass on our recommendations of how to enjoy and care for your rings.


The main thing to really understand is that your rings are not invincible

Yes they may be made out of strong hard-wearing materials such as platinum and diamonds, but like anything made it needs a little TLC and ‘warrant of fitness’ from time to time. When we sell one of our sparkling beauties we emphasize the point that there is free life time cleaning for the ring. We do this to encourage our customers to come in on a regular basis to have a professional clean and check.


Gemstones can be worked loose in their settings

Situations like wearing your ring while gardening or lifting weights at the gym can contribute to this happening.  The ladies in our stores have a saying ‘last on, first off’ and it’s the answer to why their wedding rings always look amazing (well that and the fact we’ve made them!). Some will have a plain wedding ring that they wear around home or when doing outdoor activities, but ask any of them about their engagement rings and they’ll tell you ‘last on first off’.

Now you may argue the point that you never want to take your rings off and your mother never did, that’s fine too, but your mum probably will have had her diamond ring re-tipped and the back of the band re-shanked because after years of constant wear and tear, that’s what happens.


Our lifestyle is different from theirs

At the moment beautifully intricate deco/vintage styles are popular and are festooned in perfectly cut little diamonds. If you think back to the woman who wore these designs back in the 1930’s, she would have displayed her jewels on special occasions as they were family heirlooms to pass down.

Modern advances in jewellery manufacturing work in your favour to ensure strength and longevity in your rings, but please take the treatment of your beautiful jewellery into consideration as quite often people are unaware of the impact they have on their rings. If you are worried about them, take your rings to be checked and cleaned by a manufacturing jeweller, where the staff will be properly trained to check if your rings require maintenance.

Your rings have a history and how you treat them helps to create that. We don’t want you to have a sad story to tell, so get your rings checked regularly, treat them with respect and wherever possible ‘last on first off’.