Re-modelling unwanted or aged jewellery


We quite often have customers who have aged or unwanted pieces of jewellery that they no longer like or that have been passed down through the generations to them. You don’t have to be stuck with jewellery you can’t bare to wear, so why not remake something you like, whilst keeping the sentimental value from the stones. Before the go ahead we also give you a free quote and work out what is best for your budget.

Firstly, our jeweller would sketch out possible design ideas before narrowing it down to a final choice. After having your ring carved from wax, you then get the chance to try it on before it is cast into metal. This gives you a great perspective of the final outcome and leaves no room for error or dissapointment when the ring is complete.

The images below show the step by step process of a current customer who is having her old rings remodelled into a 18ct white gold ring, set with round and princess cut diamonds and topped of with a sparkly  70pt marquise diamond in the centre.
empty rings EDIT


Above: The customers unwanted rings with the stones removed.

slider drawing


Above: Possible designs for the ring along with the wax carving and stones to be used.
 customer ring marquise maquise ring