Available at: In-Store at Lambton Quay

Citizen has a proud history in New Zealand for over 30 years. Citizen quality and design with the unique selling point of the Eco-Drive movement has made it a popular watch brand. Citizen Eco-Drive timepieces run on the power produced by light from any source. By utilizing a unique method of passing light through the dial, light is converted into energy and the extra energy is stored – for up to 7 years running time. The advanced technology using natural and artificial light, to power a timepiece is brought to reality with Eco-Drive, the Light Powered Watch.

Eco-Drive and Citizen reliably combine to mean less hassle as you never have to worry about taking the watch in for a replacement battery! The Citizen Eco-Drive incorporates this hassle-free handling and is designed to make life easier with the benefit of less batteries polluting the environment. Every Citizen Eco-Drive timepiece has the reassurance of the unique Citizen 5 year warranty