Available at: Lambton Quay

Combining eastern philosophy with Scandinavian design.
The Obaku watches are designed by two Danish designers, Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengård Ruge, who have many years of experience in designing watches for several international brands. The two designers have taken the best from the clean Scandinavian design traditions and combined this with the Obaku-Zen philosophy to create a new minimalist design.

“The watches are characterized by pure, harmonic design, calm colour schemes, good craftsmanship and being instantly pleasant to wear. Every watch is designed with an eye for detail, and nothing is left to coincidence”, says Christian Mikkelsen. “Some may believe that the simpler a design looks the easier the design process has been. It is in fact the opposite. A clean, simple design demands a greater level of perfection, as even small design flaws will be exposed. Each Obaku watch is indeed a work of art, if I may say so myself”.

Forget about time – let the moment rule.