What is your diamond shape?

With having so many Diamond shapes to choose from, at Pacific Jewellers we have an amazing team with knowledge and skills to help you pick a diamond that fits you and your personality!

We have listed all of the diamond shapes and some personality traits that will guide you to choosing the perfect one!



A round diamond shape is one of the most popular diamond shapes used for engagement rings. Due to the brilliant cut, this diamond has the sparkle like no other. The diamond is versatile and modern.

Round diamonds are often chosen for their engagement rings because it is classic, timeless and traditional.

(Engagement ring influences: Jennifer Hudson, Adriana Lima, Natalie Portman)



A Princess diamond is another popular shape used for engagement rings. This diamond is cut to have 4 corners. Princess shaped diamonds are always a great choice because of their versatility, making it very easy to work with almost any type of ring.

A lot of people tend to choose Princess shaped diamonds if they are looking for a diamond with a traditional look, but with a bit of a modern twist. If you consider yourself to be trendy, flirty and lively, this shape is definitely you!

(Engagement ring influences: Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore, Kendra Wilkinson)


Emerald Diamonds are very unique, instead of giving off that brilliant cut effect and confident look. Many believe that this diamond resembles stair steps because of the rectangular shape and the lean facets down the side.

Emerald shape lovers tend to be glamorous, confident and opening to taking risk!

(Engagement ring influences: Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Ellen Pompeo)



Cushion Diamonds have a square cut with round corners, giving the illusion of a pillow (hence the name for the shape is ‘cushion’). As one of the most popular diamond shapes a century ago, this diamond gives off a feeling of elegance, romance and clarity.

If you choose Cushion Diamonds consider themselves to be fashionable and romantic.

(Engagement ring influences: Giuliana Rancic, Jessica Biel, Mena Suvari)



Radiant Diamonds are more difficult to find than other diamond shapes and therefore it isn’t commonly used for engagement rings. This diamond gives off a very elegant and beautiful look because of the balance between a princess cut and a cushion cut.

If  your choosing a Radiant diamond you would consider yourself to be fun, flirty and confident!

(Engagement ring influences: Khloe Kardashian, Megan Fox, Anna Kournikova)



Heart diamonds are one of a kind, often used as a gift ring more than an engagement ring. Those who chose heart shaped diamonds are to have something that symbolizes their love.





Oval diamonds have amazing brilliance to them. This shape is used a lot as a solitaire, especially with brides with small hands and shorter fingers. The oval gives a longer illusion to the hand, resulting in more slender looking fingers.

If you tend to like the Oval shaped diamond, you would describe yourself as creative, bold, innovative and unique.

(Engagement ring influences: Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Salma Hayek)



Marquise diamond are long and narrow. Often the Oval diamond will look bigger than it is. The longer the shape is, the more it makes your fingers look leaner.

This diamond is often chosen if you’re out-going and elegant.

(Engagement ring influences: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ellen DeGeneres, Victoria Beckham)



Pear diamonds are shaped like tear drops; The diamond is a combination of a round and marquise shaped diamond with a narrow edge point. The diamond is worn by having the tapered end of the diamond towards he hand of the weaver.

A lot of people enjoy wearing pear shaped diamond rings consider themselves to be unique, fun and adventurous.

(Engagement ring influences: Anne Hathaway, Jessica Simpson, Katherine Heigl)


Which diamond shape are you?

At the end of the day, you want a diamond that describes who you are. There is a perfect diamond shape for everyone.